To create awareness of and propel ticket sales for his 2014 tour, Childish Gambino partnered with Tumblr to host a CrowdSurge-built ballot system that offered fans the chance to attend a series of secret mansion shows
From theaters, arenas, pavilions and parks to academies, palacios, coliseums and castles, Arcade Fire used CrowdSurge to sell tickets directly to their fans around the world for every show on their The Suburbs 2011-2012 tour
From Los Angeles to London to Istanbul and everywhere in between, CrowdSurge powered advance ticket sales for Alicia Keys' Set The World On Fire tour, empowering her to engage fans in six languages across seven time zones
CrowdSurge engineered a custom ticket ballot for The xx's highly coveted first concerts in support of their second album Coexist, providing an equitable means of distributing tickets while increasing the band's database by 480%
For his first-ever show in Uruguay, Paul McCartney partnered with CrowdSurge to sell 35% of tickets to his historic show at Estadio Centenario from his own website
Bringing artists closer to their fans and event owners closer to their customers through innovative ticketing technology and marketing solutions

TICKETING Innovation

White Label | Fully Customizable | Real-Time Reporting Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency support True Reserved Seating | Optimized For Mobile | Retain All Data | Sell On Facebook | One Basket Solution Up To 71% Cheaper For Fans | Industry Leading Bundle Sales Facilitates Fan Club Presales | Full-Service

Creative Solutions


  • Equitable way to sell high demand tickets
  • Increased social engagement
  • Exponential database growth
  • Broader event exposure
  • No extra work

Group Buying

  • Advanced Social Engagement
  • Significant Lift In Registered Email Addresses
  • Broader Market Reach
  • Trusted Purchase Referrals
  • Fan-Induced Marketing
  • Individualized Purchase Experience
  • Financial Burden Shared Amongst Attendees


  • Ideal For High Value Tickets And Experiences
  • Eliminate Secondary Market
  • Charitable Sales
  • High Engagement
  • Average Increase In Per Ticket Value Of 185%

Why Work With CrowdSurge?



Our platform is truly white label and fully portable, allowing you to sell seamlessly on your website, facebook, mobile, and partnering sites.



Our platform integrates into your marketing channels and is fully customizable to your needs, allowing you to sell tickets with the same consideration and care as you lavish on your event.


Unlock additional revenue streams and extend traditional ones, all while better serving your customer.



Real-time sales tracking and reporting tools at your fingertips - and all your customer data is yours to keep.



Ticket sales, ballots, group buying, auctions, fan club presales, and bundling are just some of the tools we put at your disposal.



Our technology is as easy to integrate as a YouTube embed, and it's all serviced by our experienced staff. 


Create a single, worldwide destination which supports transactions in over 25 currencies, communicates in 9 languages and is supported by staff across 5 time zones.


Our services cost you nothing, and are funded by the service charges paid by your customer, which are up to 71% cheaper than those charged by some other providers.


(RED) Rows

Looking for a way to turn the concert experience (RED) in the fight against HIV/AIDS, (RED) turned to CrowdSurge to create (RED)ROWS, a charitable auction platform for artists.

Between June 1 and June 10, 2012, 26 artists - including Coldplay, The Killers, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Leonard Cohen and Swedish House Mafia – turned their concert seats (RED) for charity driving the price of their tickets up by 185% on average. 100% of the proceeds went towards creating an AIDS Free Generation for 2015.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Prior to the release of their tenth studio album, I'm With You, and their first tour in four years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers partnered with CrowdSurge...

...as well as 12 key EU retailers to facilitate presale ticket access for fans who pre-ordered the new album from the band's website or an associated e-tailer, including Play, Amazon, 7Digital and Free Record Shop.

The campaign resulted in more than 17,000 albums pre-ordered, 75% of pre-order customers purchasing tickets in the presale, and I'm With You ranking number one on each e-tailer's top sellers chart. 

Lindsey Stirling

To take greater control of her global touring business, dubstep violinist and YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling partnered with CrowdSurge to sell tickets directly to fans for her 2014 North American and European tour spanning 18 countries.

The campaign, which leveraged her online following of more than six million, resulted in 13,000 tickets sold from her own website, 2,000 of which were sold in the first 30 minutes of the U.S. presale. In addition, her tour listings page on her website had more than a 100,000 unique visitors during the week of the tour announcement and presale.

the XX

After a two-year absence from the stage, and on the eve of their sophomore album’s release (Coexist), The xx and CrowdSurge partnered to ticket three intimate shows in the band's hometown of London.

CrowdSurge facilitated a custom ballot for 100% of the concert’s highly coveted tickets, offering an equitable means of distribution while increasing the band’s email database by 480% with 40 email addresses collected for every ticket sold.

The xx received more than 200,000 unique visits to their website within the first hour of the campaign and propelled a barrage of media coverage, including a front-page feature on the Guardian and BBC.

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino partnered with CrowdSurge to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with his fans leading up to his 2014 headlining tour throughout the US.

The artist posted a handwritten note to his Tumblr that invited fans to enter for a chance attend a series of secret mansion shows. The unconventional, creative campaign generated broad awareness - Gambino’s post was shared by more than 13,000 fans across the web - and led to 95% of advance tickets sold. 


September 26 2014

Using Twitter and TV, Blake Shelton May Be Drafting A Blueprint For Music's Future

"While Ticketmaster is the primary ticketing partner for Shelton’s tour, any artist can carve out 8-10% of tickets to sell on their own, usually to their fan clubs. For Ten Times, Team Blake partnered with a company called Crowdsurge to run the direct-to-fan pre-sale."
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August 29 2014

A Concert Promoter Realized The Ticketing System Was Broken, So He Decided To Fix It Himself

"In addition to providing the behind-the-scenes technology for ticketing,CrowdSurge also helps artists come up with fun ways to engage their fans - like letting fans vote on where a band should perform and then routing the concert tour based on the results."
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August 18 2014

Q&A with CrowdSurge’s Adam Schiffer

"A major reason why we landed in Dumbo was because of the location. We came here to be by the water and feel inspired by the view of the city, but to also be tucked away in our own space to focus and have a sense of calm every day."
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June 16 2014

Under the Bridge: An Enclave in Brooklyn for Music and Tech

"Savvy music startups create their own ecosystem. Artist management goes high tech. Also: stunning views."
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June 16 2014

A Music Startup's New Brooklyn Home

"CrowdSurge needed room to grow, and sought a neighborhood that fit its vibe. It landed in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Here's how it built out its new office, with soul."
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June 9 2014

How A Startup Helped A Dubstep Violinist Go From Playing In School Cafeterias To Selling Out Shows

"Thanks to artists services and ticketing startup CrowdSurge, Stirling has been able to sell tickets to her show on her own terms. Unlike traditional ticketing platforms, CrowdSurge does not withhold sales data from the artist. For her 2014 tour, Stirling has so far sold over 13,000 tickets through CrowdSurge."
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May 12 2014

13 Essential Music Apps That Aren't Pandora or Spotify

"... Enter Crowdsurge, a ticket vendor that provides a more direct connection between performers and the people who want to see them. The company is basically a friendlier, cheaper and less greedy middle man than Ticketmaster. Artists from Arcade Fire to the Postal Service are jumping on board, and you should too."
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May 15 2013

Live App To Expectations

"From buying or transferring tickets to streaming shows on your smartphone, the changes that digital is bringing here are significant. Companies like Songkick, CrowdSurge, Y-Plan, Vyclone, Lively and Eventim are changing not only the rules of engagement but also reshaping consumer expectations."
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Jan 10 2013

Start to Finish: 10 Ways Technology Can Help You Become a Working Musician

"Rather than go through TicketMaster and relinquish control over what you can sell and how much, CrowdSurge offers a savory alternative: sell tickets to fans on your terms. CrowdSurge offers ways to help cut service fees and find resources to market your shows..."
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June 7 2012

Artists and venues team up with (RED) for AIDS fundraising and awareness campaign.

"As part of the campaign (RED) is working with CrowdSurge which will allow music fans to buy (RED) tickets at venues and artists are auctioning premium seats and exclusive packages to help fight AIDS through the (RED)ROWS initiative..."
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May 16 2012

5 Powerful Music Apps That Should Make Middlemen Nervous.

"...among the contenders for helping them offload that inventory, Crowdsurge holds particular promise. It’s a white-label service that charges nothing at a basic level — a thin middleman that lets bands (and venues and promoters) essentially run their own mini-Ticketmaster..."
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April 13 2012

Branded Artist Apps Could Be a Gold Mine for Musicians and Fans Alike.

"Because the artist would "own" the app, they could use it to sell their allotment of direct-sale tickets via something like Crowdsurge, rather than hooking into Ticketmaster or another middleman. This would let them keep more of that money, and it would be possible, because their app would become a main point of interaction with their fans, incorporating everything they're doing elsewhere."
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May 26 2011

CrowdSurge uses social media.

"The new service, which CrowdSurge claim is a first, will allow acts to use their Facebook profiles to directly sell tickets and merch to their fans, as well as gathering data for future marketing campaigns..."
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August 23 2010

Ticketmaster's new blog: 'We get it -- you don't like service fees'.

"...an Arcade Fire ticket from Ticketmaster tallied $68 -- a full $13 more than my presale cost from CrowdSurge. With Ticketmaster still infusing additional fees into the final state of the purchase..."
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